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Hey guys, this is OmnomIRC, a rich AJAX chat client which can be integrated in a forum, such as SMF, myBB AcmlmBoard XD and phpBB3. It always creates a bridge to one or more real IRC networks where the messages are exchanged in real-time.

Just for fun it also has such features like text-based browser support (e.g. elinks) and connecting to it with a graphical calculator.

It is currently still deep in development, but if you want to add it to your own website or forum, feel free to contact me to obtain help.
If you want a preview make an account and log in, you'll be able to use OmnomIRC!

  • Netham45 - main program
  • Sorunome - taking over after Netham45 stopped, adding tons more features and fixing some bugs, like completely re-wrote it from scratch
  • Darl181 - skin
  • Eeems - OmnomIRC3 (still in unusable stages)

  • Chatting (duh)
  • Multiple channels
  • IRC bridge (multiple channels)
  • IRC colors + other IRC text decorations
  • Userlist
  • Tab-completing usernames
  • Chatting-history
  • Smileys
  • Custom css for other forum themes
  • Topics
  • Admin options: op'ing, de-op'ing, banning, debanning, setting topic
  • Theming

  • kicking