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Construction start24th May 2015
Construction end26th July 2015
Number of networks1
Number of lifts4
Number of paths1
Height of drop7.35 meters / 24.11 feet
Height of looping2.15 meters / 7.05 feet
Length of track44.60 meters / 146.33 feet
Max ball speed7.2 m/s / 25.9 km/h / 16.1 mph

Icarus is a new ball machine - just as Everest this one is going for height! The big ball drop will be about 7,35 meters down, making it the largest k'nex ball drop in the world!
Climbing to such great heights comes with a price, though: This machine had to be carefully designed to be resistant against the wind, throughout the construction I had to keep make it more wind resistant as to the time of construction wind was rather heavy.

Here's the preview stuff:

Here's a preview exclusive on my website as the final video isn't done yet:

Check out the construction pics: