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12th August 2015


I finally managed to get the final video of Icarus up, in addition with some new images!
So head on over to the page and watch the vid and look at the pics! I hope you enjoy!
2nd August 2015

I released a demo of the upcoming new game in the Reuben Quest series!
It features leveling and story up to the boss fight of the first dungeon. For a download and more information please go here!
27th May 2015


Seems like it is impossible for me to not work on some knex project, and such I already started working on a knew ball machine, Icarus.
As the name probably suggests this ball machine aims for height! Stay tuned for more construction images!
1st May 2015
/200/*/media/knex/ballmachines/dysphoria/CIMG5191.JPGYes, waiting is over! I finally finished my ball machine Dysphoria!

Featuring things like interlocked ring lifts, huge jumps and crazy loopings this is my best ball machine to date!
Head over to the page and check out the video!
18th April 2015


Yes, construction of my latest ball machine Dysphoria isn't dead! In fact, I just decided to upload more images to be found on my website only! So head on over to the page to view them!