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15th January 2015 doesn't like teasers?
Well, have a teaser of the ball machine I'm currently working on!
14th December 2014


Ball machines are fun!
I've been working on a new ball machine since quite some time, Dysphoria.
Check out the construction pics and stay tuned for updates!
5th October 2014How about you buy me a beer or a cider?
Ok, you could also just donate!

Just keep in mind that awesome stuff doesn't make itself ;)
8th August 2014


I crocheted another pony!
This time it is Lyra.
For some pictures, head over here.
31st July 2014


I published my Knex Shelf, with instructions exclusively on my website!
30th July 2014Knex is fun.
And I just noticed that I didn't add all my ibles stuff here.
Enjoy the following:
27th July 2014Ok, quite some stuff to news about, I guess.
First of all, With the restoring of the news table I'd say that the re-write of my website is finally done!
If you have an account you can comment on almost each page. In addition you can also store your own slideshow collections and thus have a fixed URL, even if you change it. You can find the slideshow creator here.
As a registered user you'll also be able to use the built-in chat.

Then I also opened a Miscellaneous section, containing misc. stuff that I make.

I am also working on a new browsergame, snake. It is like normal snake but with some nice twists, though.

I may have added some more new stuff here and there that I already forgot about, enjoy my website!
30th August 2013

I added a new lift, the Elevator Lift!
8th August 2013I finished now Slideshow Version 3.0! Click here to make easily your own slideshow for your own website!
This slideshow also features changing colors over the url parameters bgColor, c1, c2, c3 and c4.
31st July 2013

I added my in-dev ball machine Apocalypse.
17th May 2013I added OmnomIRC as one of my web-projects.
7th January 2013I added a nice clock!
6th October is one year old!
23rd September 2012I added a new browser-game which can be found here.
14th June 2012


I added Everest, the worlds tallest freestanding knex ball machine!
25th May 2012


I added the Wheel Lift.
18th May 2012


I published the first part of my new TI-Basic tutorial!
11th May 2012


I added a new lift, the Parallel Arm Lift.
4th May 2012


I added a new ball machine lift, the small wheel lift.
27th April 2012


I uploaded my new knex ball machine, Dystopia.
14th April 2012


I launched a lego section with so far two models:
  • The owlery from Harry Potter
  • The droid T3-M4 from the Star Wars KOTOR game

1st April 2012To taking my ball machine down... APRIL FOOLS! I hope I managed to fool many of you guys!
31st March 2012


Unfortunately I had to take down my ball machine Dystopia.
31st March 2012


I started a new category, web-developing!
30th March 2012


Yes, I am constructing a new ball machine, Dystopia!
It features a nice white floor. I already released a teaser of it and exclusive on is a slideshow of construction pics.
23rd March 2012


I added the Knex Hat and it also has instructions here on!

And you also may have noticed the new thumbnails on the front page :)
17th March 2012

I added the Ferris Wheel that uses a complete new technical way of building, it's the first one out of knex of its kind.

Further beyond I also completely resorted the TI-section.
23rd January 2012You have now the availability to create an account!
18th January 2012I uploaded a slide-show and a video to my knex ball machine Catastropha!
14th January 2012I just finished my ball machine Catastropha! She has a whole lot of 17 paths and 11 lifts! Three of these lifts are completely new, two more are my own design.
I will upload a vid and pics as soon as I made them!
27th December 2011I finally added the Knex Motor-modification that allows you to run battery-powered Knex motors via a power plug!
26th December 2011I have added the Infinity Switch, the Knex Safe and the Micro-BM.
25th December 2011I have added the Connector sorter I have made some time ago with Black Panther Knex.
24th December 2011This website has now an RSS-Feed!
9th December is now available in German!
22nd November 2011A bunch of TI programms have been added.
4th October is online! :)