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1st March 2015
I finally got around adding my RPG series to this website: Reuben Quest. It reached quite some popularity in the TI-Community. Go and check it out here!
15th January 2015 doesn't like teasers?
Well, have a teaser of the ball machine I'm currently working on!
14th December 2014


Ball machines are fun!
I've been working on a new ball machine since quite some time, Dysphoria.
Check out the construction pics and stay tuned for updates!
5th October 2014How about you buy me a beer or a cider?
Ok, you could also just donate!

Just keep in mind that awesome stuff doesn't make itself ;)
8th August 2014


I crocheted another pony!
This time it is Lyra.
For some pictures, head over here.